Ready, Steady, Go!

Dear Parents,

I am writing to give you the details for the transportation arrangements for our trip to Arethusa.

The children should go to their classrooms as normal at 8:45am for registration. Please could you take your child’s luggage directly to the coaches, which will be parked at the entrance to the school car park on Tubbenden Lane. There will be a member of staff to point out which coach your child will be travelling on. Please put the luggage on this coach.

The coaches will be loaded for a prompt departure at 9:30am. After registration, the children and staff will meet you at the coaches to say their goodbyes. We expect to arrive at Rochester by 10:30am. Notice of safe arrival will be posted on the school website and we shall also send a text message to the primary contact for each child via our “Groupcall” system.

On the day of return, the children will have lunch at Arethusa and will leave by 1:30pm, arriving back at school at approximately 2:15pm. Please be there to pick up your child from the coach, which will again park in the entrance to the school car park on Tubbenden Lane. The children are not required to go back into the school building.

Please may you bring any prescribed medication into school by Friday 23rd March by 4:00pm at the latest, ready for departure on Monday morning.

On the final evening of our trip (Wednesday), the children will be having a disco! You may wish to pack a ‘nice’ set of clothes for this activity.

Yours sincerely,

Year 4 Team

Final full day!

Today, Thursday 22nd of June 2017, Tubbenden Primary’s year 6 students enjoyed their last day at the chateau. Today was filled with enjoyable activities for everyone, from water sports to camouflaging. To celebrate their last evening in France we had a fun campfire. Year 6’s got the great opportunity to taste sweet, gooey marshmallows that they were allowed to roast themselves. At dinner the year6’s got the wonderful chance to taste frogs legs and snails. The year 6’s had great fun with all their friends in the lake whilst taking part in the hard and challenging water sports. Over all it was a wonderful day for the year 6’s and are desolate to be leaving tomorrow. However it will be fantastic to return to cherish their end of the year fun.

Mid week already

On Wednesday 21st June 2017, Year 6 experienced thrilling games of a action-packed activity-archery. This game was a great experience and the great instructors have really progressed are skills and abilities. We played several entertaining games which put our mind to the test, including a tournament and a game where we decide what we eat with. My favourite game was when different colours represented different things. So we had 3 arrows and one decided where we were going, one who we were going with and the final one is how to travel there, it was great fun.

Crate stacking!

The next activity was crows nest. This was about improving are team work and having fun (An extra was learning that your name doesn’t Matter) #keira rules😂

Brilliant Beach!

With the glimmering, shiny sun down pouring down at France, Year 6 France trippers ventured off to a beach off the coast of Rue – Berck beach. They arrived in a coach at the beaming beach shimmering in the glistening sun blazing down toasting the sand. We had great fun playing football, burying each other, paddling and eating ice creams!

First Full Day!

Yesterday, Tuesday 20th June, Year 6 students enjoyed their first full day in France. Filled with fun yet challenging activities and two interesting trips to the snail farm and the wheat farm, the day was guaranteed to consist of laughter and excitement. Year 6 students enjoyed a wide range of activities including: archery; camouflaging and tracking; rifle shooting; abseiling; crow’s nest (crate stacking); a blind mud trail, and orienteering.

At the wheat farm, we all made decorative, plaited wheat hearts and devoured a slice of apricot cake each. At the snail farm, we were taught the process of cooking snails (which are very popular in France) and held some of the snails who live there. We also were given the opportunity to eat a few snail-based treats.

Overall it was a fantastic day and Year 6 excitedly anticipate the rest of their trip.


On the 17th of June, Year 6 left the school perimeter to venture a long, arduous voyage to France and be immersed in the native culture. They left at 9am and arrived at 4pm French time and were awarded some free time for their outstanding behaviour. They then explored the gorgeous sites in an orienteering challenge and then they were treated to a mouth-watering meal. They fell into their deep slumbers, tired and happy. We thank Miss Venn, Mrs Davey and Mrs Hawkins for organising this fantastic trip and for the many other teachers that volunteered to assist as group leaders.  We look forward to the days of fun that will follow.

Please see your child’s seesaw account for photographs.  The wifi is slooooowwwwww!!!

Ready Steady Go!

Dear Parents, Carers & Children of Year 6,

School Journey to Le Chateau du Broutel, France

I am pleased to confirm the arrangements for the school journey as follows:

Dates: Monday 19th June – Friday 23rd June 2017

Travel: The children should go to their classrooms at 8.30am. Please could parents take their child’s baggage directly to the coaches, which will be parked at the entrance to the school car park on Tubbenden Lane (assemble on pathways and grass verge).  The coaches will be loaded for a prompt departure at 9.15am.  After registration the children and staff will meet you at the coaches to say their goodbyes.  We expect to arrive at Le Chateau du Broutel at approximately 5.00pm.  All children should bring a packed lunch for the outbound journey.  Notice of safe arrival will be posted on the school website at and parents will be notified via Groupcall.

On Friday, arrival back at school is expected to be approximately 6.45pm but this will be subject to traffic on the motorways in France and England! Groupcall will be used to inform parents of any changes in anticipated arrival time.  The drop-off point will be the Tubbenden Lane access gates, where the coaches departed.

Accommodation: The children will sleep in bunk beds in dormitories of between 6 and 8 people. All meals are provided at the centre.  The children eat in a dining area and there is a choice of food at each meal.  No food or drink is allowed in dormitories.

Address & Telephone Numbers: Le Chateau du Broutel, Rue du Marais, 80120 Rue, France. If you have any queries while the children are away please contact the school on 01689 856029.  If there is no reply contact the Emergency Call Centre, Carelink UK on 020 8464 4848.

In view of the short duration of the school journey and the fact that, in our experience, letters from home do cause an increase in homesickness, please do not send cards or letters to the children. We will also post information on a blog, accessible from our school website, on a daily basis, so that you can see how we are doing!

Activities: During the week the children will be taking part in a number of activities off site including a trip to a wheat and snail farm. In addition they will have the opportunity to experience activities such as archery, raft building and orienteering at Le Chateau.

Pocket Money: You will, naturally, wish to decide how much pocket money your child takes, but in order that everyone has the same we have decided that 20 Euros should be a maximum. We would ask you to provide this in small denominations of perhaps 4 x 5 Euro notes.  Children will need a named pursed or wallet to keep this safe for the duration of the trip.

Clothing: Please see attached list, which has been supplied to us by Le Chateau.

Medical Information: Would you please complete the attached medical form and return it to school as soon as possible, as we need to send any important information to France. If your child needs medication during the week away, please bring it to school by Wednesday 14th June at the latest.  Please ensure that it is clearly named, shows the dosage, timings and other relevant information and is accompanied by a completed Permission to Administer Medicine Form. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT MEDICATION CANNOT BE ADMINISTERED UNLESS IT IS PRESCRIBED BY A DOCTOR AND DISPLAYS A PHARMACY LABEL.

EHIC Cards: We need to be certain every child has a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before the day of departure. Please bring your child’s EHIC to school by Wednesday 14th June.  The cards will be placed in the school safe, ready for the journey on 19th June.

Behaviour: It is part of the School’s policy that parents are told of the arrangements for good behaviour, and any rules that apply, prior to departure. At Tubbenden we keep this fairly simple.  We expect all the children to follow our Behaviour Policy and behave sensibly and with consideration for others at all times, which includes doing as they are requested straight away.

Once the lights have been turned out at night, we expect everyone to be quiet and remain in bed until they are called in the morning, except of course, if they need to go to the toilet or are unwell. If any children jeopardise their own safety or the safety of anyone else in their party by their misbehaviour, they will be sent home.  In this eventuality we would expect parents to make arrangements to come and collect their child in France.  This has never happened on previous school journeys and we do hope that it will not be necessary this year, but please explain why it is important to your children.

Valuables: Please do not let your child take anything of specific value, including jewellery, as we will have no way of keeping it safe.

Parents’ Meeting: You are invited to attend a meeting in the main hall at 2.45pm on Friday 26th May 2017 to discuss general aspects of the journey and to cover any specific points you may wish to raise.  The children will have a further briefing session before the trip and will be told their groups and room allocation.

In the meantime, if you have any queries about the journey, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Miss L Venn

Group Leader

The final frontier………..

And so the intrepid explorers approach the end of their mission. Today’s final push has been testing…..more scaling of vertical cliffs that reach the sky……undertaking the leap of faith to bridge the deadly crevasse………..building their own raft to navigate the open seas…….to finally reach the Castle of Rochester, where they rescued the imprisoned Princess. The brave hearts were rewarded with a knighthood at Rochester Guild Hall. The town has erupted into celebrations, which have gone on into the night with a wild disco being held to thank our heroes. Three special heroes have been selected for their outstanding gallantry and presented with birthday cakes!! Thank you Alfie Cook, Byron Toto and Cameron Rice xxx

So dear Muggles….. may I bid you farewell after a wonderful, enchanting adventure!

Year 4 team

What a wonderful day in every way!!!

What a fabulous day!!! Arthur class spent the morning at Rochester Castle and the Guild Hall seeing these impressive historic buildings bathed in sunshine….and even dressing up in medieval armour! During the afternoon the children showed their amazing strength of character climbing 7m rock faces. What was impressive throughout all of the classes was the way in which the children supported one another….inspiring and heart warming.

Percival and Guinevere Class spent the day practicing their engineering skills raft building and testing their nerve on the high ropes! The bravery of children never ceases to amaze! Later they showed their map reading skills orienteering in the afternoon sun, following co-ordinates to discover hidden treasures! Finally, up stepped the budding ‘Robin Hoods’ and the children showed us all up!!!! Some Olympians of the future I think!

So here we all are now…evening number 2. The children were a little lively last night and have been very busy today… we’re ALL hoping for a full night’s sleep 🙂

Hot chocolate supped and biscuit devoured. Your children are sun kissed and glowing with fulfilment. Night all….

The Year 4 Team

Day 1 – And so the adventure begins!



Well a lovely start…the children have enjoyed the woodland walk and the mud! Had fun in the pool with the ‘Splash and dash!’ and ended the evening singing songs around the camp fire!!

Surprisingly they are all showered and sleeping soundly already! Lets hope they’re not up too early!!!

Bear with us regarding the internet….. it’s steam driven!

Night all – Year 4 Team xx