Thursday Thrills

Our last full day began with a fascinating tour of Rue, our host town, and ended with a sing-a-long around the camp fire with toasted marshmallows. An ‘interesting sing off involving ‘Let It Go’ sung in various styles rounded the evening off beautifully.

Here’s what the children thought…

Today we went on a tour of the beautiful town of Rue. We found out extraordinary facts such as there is an elephant buried in the grounds of the Chateau. After the tour we put on blindfolds and completed the blind trail activity which would have been much easier if Miss Venn, Miss Irwin and the instructors hadn’t tortured us by soaking us with water!

Overall France has been awesome. (Group )

Today we did archery and I hit two bullseyes. We also did the obstacle course which was long and good fun. (Tom K)

Also today we went to the town of Rue and we learned all about its history. (Alex)

I think the best part of today was the obstacle course because we worked as a team and everyone loved it. (Lara)

I absolutely loved today: the food was delicious (especially the chocolate muffin). The activities were outstanding and tonight we had a campfire! (Madison)

I loved today because the activities were really fun. We did an obstacle course where we got totally wet and muddy; we also did archery which stood out. We played games in archery such as who could get the highest score. The losers had to do a forfeit. (Jessica B)

My favourite adventure today was the obstacle course because you had to try and manoeuvre through. (Jessica S)

Today I had a really fun time. We did archery, the obstacle course and when we had woken up we went on a long walk to Rue.

Today was great fun as I did archery and the obstacle course. I also went on a journey to town. I saw all the shops and spoke in French.

Today I really enjoyed the obstacle course; I got very muddy. I faced my fears by crawling through a tunnel of tyres. (Sonny)

This morning we did survival and blind trail. We had a great time however it went by so quickly. In survival we made a shelter. In blind trail we had the amazing opportunity to communicate properly to make sure we were safe. As a team we didn’t end up struggling. (Bella R, Reshmi and Precious)


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thrills

  1. Mags June 10, 2016 / 5:55 am

    It sounds like they’ve had an absolutely fantastic time and family holidays have a lot to live up to from now on! Thank you for everything you’ve done for the children this week including, I imagine, currently helping 90 children pack the correct clothes. Have a safe (and quiet?) journey home. Mags

  2. michelle June 10, 2016 / 2:22 pm

    Well said Mags xx

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