First Full Day!

Yesterday, Tuesday 20th June, Year 6 students enjoyed their first full day in France. Filled with fun yet challenging activities and two interesting trips to the snail farm and the wheat farm, the day was guaranteed to consist of laughter and excitement. Year 6 students enjoyed a wide range of activities including: archery; camouflaging and tracking; rifle shooting; abseiling; crow’s nest (crate stacking); a blind mud trail, and orienteering.

At the wheat farm, we all made decorative, plaited wheat hearts and devoured a slice of apricot cake each. At the snail farm, we were taught the process of cooking snails (which are very popular in France) and held some of the snails who live there. We also were given the opportunity to eat a few snail-based treats.

Overall it was a fantastic day and Year 6 excitedly anticipate the rest of their trip.

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