Mid week already

On Wednesday 21st June 2017, Year 6 experienced thrilling games of a action-packed activity-archery. This game was a great experience and the great instructors have really progressed are skills and abilities. We played several entertaining games which put our mind to the test, including a tournament and a game where we decide what we eat with. My favourite game was when different colours represented different things. So we had 3 arrows and one decided where we were going, one who we were going with and the final one is how to travel there, it was great fun.

Crate stacking!

The next activity was crows nest. This was about improving are team work and having fun (An extra was learning that your name doesn’t Matter) #keira rules😂

Brilliant Beach!

With the glimmering, shiny sun down pouring down at France, Year 6 France trippers ventured off to a beach off the coast of Rue – Berck beach. They arrived in a coach at the beaming beach shimmering in the glistening sun blazing down toasting the sand. We had great fun playing football, burying each other, paddling and eating ice creams!

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